#TeamHaringey6 - Roundup - Last week of Summer Term 2022

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News / 15 July

As we #TeamHaringey6 begin to wind down this last full week of term there is definitely no stopping us...we have been jam packed with taster day sessions, art and they have been fantastic.

Our last 2 weeks of term started with...

Taster Days with the following schools

#ParkViewSchool #WoodsideSchool within these Taster sessions pupils from these schools were able to try out the different subjects we offered here as well as see our new facilities and finish off with some free lunch.

School taster 1 School taster 2

School taster 3 School taster 4

#TeamHaringey6 had a Creative Arts & Humanities Showcase where staff to came to support our students and help celebrate the art, magazine launch and other creative work at an open event held on our court yard. We are very #H6Proud moment.

Art show flyer

Art show 6

Art show 1 Art show 3

Art show 7 Art show 8

Art show 2

#TeamHaringey6 finally had a Taster Day for the following schools #HornseySchool #DukesAldridgeAcademy #GladesmoreSchool We would like to thank all staff on their supporting of these students and giving them a really good #H6Experience while they were here.

School taster WC11 6 School taster WC11 15

School taster WC11 10 School taster WC11 13

School taster WC11 12 School taster WC11 19

Also here are a few examples of of work that were produced by students during their taster sessions within Health and Social Care:Work 1 2 Work 2 2

Special thanks to #Lydia and #Dominique the Marketing Team for making this happen.

Lastly another highlight to end the week on  on an all time high we had a staff summer end of year party where we said our goodbyes to staff leavers and see ya later to those we'll see results day August 18th and enrolment from August 24th.

IMG 4463 IMG 4465

IMG 4467

We really are #MoreThanACollege so it never hurts to say it again!

Enjoy Summer Term and make it a reflective one look forward to seeing you

September 2022 !


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