Severe Weather Conditions

Where weather conditions mean that morning travel is likely to be subject to serious disruption, the College will decide whether to open or not.

We will update this website as soon as possible in the morning, normally by 7am and we will also aim to post messages on our College App and social media accounts.

If weather conditions mean difficult travel disruption is likely during the college day then the college will decide whether to close early and the same notification procedure will apply.

If we close

When exams are due to take place, we will open the site for these exams, even if the College is closed for teaching.

Students’ attendance records and payments under the Student Bursary Scheme will not be affected.

If we stay open

We will ensure that all students who come to College on these days are provided with a constructive educational experience. This may or may not be normal timetabled lessons. If we are short of staff on these days, we will undertake to provide students with the best teaching and learning experience possible in the circumstances.

Students are expected to travel to college where it is safe to so do. It is up to the individual to judge whether their journey is likely to be safe or not.

We will not penalise students who are unable to attend, and Student Bursary Scheme payments will be made. However, if most other students who live in the same area have attended, we reserve the right to stop Student Bursary Scheme payments and register the student as absent.

What we expect of students

You should get up early on mornings where bad weather is forecast. You should then check the college website regularly.

If the college is open, you should come to college if it is safe to do, allowing extra time for your journey.

Please note surrounding roads may be icy, so we would prefer you not to travel in by car unless you have to. Please consider walking as an alternative.

You must ensure you have suitable clothing (especially shoes) for icy/snowy weather. You cannot use poor footwear as an excuse for walking being dangerous. If walking conditions are satisfactory when good boots are worn, we expect you to attend. Please put safety above fashion.

A note about exams


Please note the awarding organisations expect students to attend all examinations.

There is no automatic system in place which awards grades to students as a result of non-attendance due to bad weather.