#TeamHaringey6 - 1st Week of February Round Up

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News / 4 February

This week has been interesting and eventful for #TeamHaringey6 students and teachers so let us show you what we've been up too.

We started the week with the Jackson Lane Circus coming in to see our A Level Drama and BTEC Performing Arts Students; they came in and did a session on circus skills (juggling, balancing, diablo etc).

IMG 5619 IMG 5625

The students really loved it and a couple of them are going to go to the circus classes that they hold at Tottenham Leisure Centre. #GreatStuff adding to their #H6Experience

#TeamHaringey6 Year 1 Forensic and Criminal Investigation learners completing analytical chemistry.


Learners worked to create known concentration solutions with which they later apply to identifying the concentration of an unknown chemical compound, this is based on the way the two compounds react chemically. #CriticalThinking #Forensics

Fci2 Fci1

Here are some designs created by our #TeamHaringey6 students for LGBT History Month, just look at the talent we have here #Amazing stuff

Untitled140 (1) Untitled138 (1)

Untitled142 (1)Untitled136 (1)

Great game for #TeamHaringey6 basketball team vs ⁦Queens School as last night their full-time score was 69-57 well done again on your win especially as it's their last home game of the regular season #H6Experience

20220203 171622 20220203 171650

20220203 180612

#H6 also attended the Highgate Wood School college fair where we supported prospective student's queries:

20220204 113741

#TeamHaringey6 were honoured to be the host at the Helping Haringey Young People Stay Safe #YouthSummit by @StreetDoctors with the London IOPC in collaboration with the Haringey Safer Neighbourhood Board. As well as having the local schools involved virtually we also welcomed Mayor of Haringey Cllr Adam Jogee as well as Eleanor Henderson, Hope In Tottenham Manager and ex Chief Superintendent Dal Babu and Sal Nasseem, London Director for IOPC from Birmingham live #TeamHaringey6 CEO Russ Lawrance introduced CEO of Street Doctors Lucie Russel to explain StreetDoctors and why StreetDoctors is important & effective.

It was such an amazing experience for #TeamHaringey6 students to be a part of a live broadcast and they really enjoyed listening to StreetDoctors demonstrations and discussion #VeryInsightful 

IMG 5118

IMG 5110

#TeamHaringey6 #H6Experience #MoreThanACollege 

Amazing stuff #TeamHaringey6 cannot wait to see what's on the agenda for next week; there could be more surprise guests or even better more influential guests...stay tuned as we keep showing why we are and will always be #MoreThanACollege


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