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News / 1 February

On the weekend #TeamHaringey6 Media level 3 yr 1 and music l3 yr students were asked by Haringey to film their 2022 Holocaust memorial day event.


These students were: Soner, Sydnee, Jude, Cassie, Malkit and Gergo

The ceremony took place on Sunday 30th January in honour of holocaust memorial day at Tottenham Hotspurs, the students were tasked with filming the event and edited the footage into a film for Haringey Council.

HolocaustMD 1 HolocaustMD 2

These students joined the #us in September 2021 and we are extremely proud of what they have achieved so far and the professionalism they conducted themselves with.

HolocaustMD 3 HolocaustMD 7

To say that #TeamHaringey6 staff are proud of these students is an understatement they are proud of themselves for being given this opportunity.

HolocaustMD 6 

Eleri Salter (Commercial Manager; Strategy and Communications at Haringey Council) quoted 'The students we exceptional and demonstrated the true values of Haringey 6 from. They were a credit to you and the college.'

Councillor Sheila Peacock also added 'Thank you to all of the students from your filming team for their work on Sunday' 

Once the finished film is published we will post for you all to view.

What an #Amazing #H6Experience our #TeamHaringey6 students have had, showing all how we are #MoreThanACollege as our students #DiscoverTheDifference



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