#TeamHaringey6 Week 4 Round Up

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News / 30 September

Has it been 4 weeks already #TeamHaringey6 !!!

This week we had a New Parents Induction Evening and it was great to see so many of you and of course your parents, carers and wards on Tuesday; and we did what we do best with support from our new #H6StudentAmbassadors we took parents, carers and wards on a tour around our college and they got see our CEO and Principal as well as subject teachers.

SA   group pic 2 SA   2ppl

#TeamHaringey6 Girls Basketball and Girls Football started up this week and what a great start has been with so many of our girls being so keen to join the team and be a part of the #H6Experience 

Girls bb 1 Girls bb 2

Girls football 1 Girls football 2

Thanks to #CoachAntony and Tottenham Hotspur coaches for coaching the football.

#TeamHaringey6 UAL Art students went to the British Museum and took some pictures of #Amazing artwork:

IMG 20210929 WA0011 IMG 20210929 WA0013 IMG 20210929 WA0012

#H6 Pop Up Hive was in full force today with the following menu prepared by our #TeamHaringey6 Level 3 Professional Cookery students.

All proceeds will be going to charity.  

  • Hand made Falafel with fresh Pita bread and vegetable tagine £4.20 (Dairy free)
  • Chicken, leek and mushroom pie with mash and spring greens £4.30

Looks #Amazing

20211001 124001 20211001 124119

20211001 123721 20211001 124552

And lastly thanks to Tottenham Hotspur #TeamHaringey6 were given complementary tickets to the Spurs Vs NSM game; some of our teachers and students went along and as you can see from their faces they thoroughly enjoyed it even in the cold.

 IMG 20210930 WA0025

IMG 20210930 WA0027 

This week has been #Amazing as our students continue to #DiscoverTheDifference and enjoy the #H6Experience looking forward to next week for more learning, new activities and fun stuff as we are #MoreThanACollege 


For students who are looking to apply for September 2021, please come in to college and see us!

Applications for 2022 open on Friday 1 October on our brand new website.

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