Principal's BLOG

Change is the only constant!

And here we are with our BRAND NEW website – how EXCITED we have been to share our NEW LOOK with you!  You will be able to find all of the VERY INTERESTING information you need about our COLLEGE right here in this FANTASTIC new space, which is just a further reflection of our new physical spaces - we have taken the new look online! 

September was FANTASTIC.  All of our NEW and RETURNING AMAZING students here, filling the space with JOY and LAUGHTER.  If you still want to put YOUR FACE in OUR SPACE, get in touch ASAP.  I am sure for a special select few, we can find a space to squeeze you in – come along and CHANGE YOUR LIFE with a REAL college experience here @Haringey6! 

We have been SO BUSY, settling everyone in and making sure everyone is HAPPY and understands what is expected of them, and what they can expect from us - we are just the gift that keeps GIVING here at Haringey 6th Form College.  We have already had the PLEASURE of meeting our NEW students’ parents – THANK YOU to all who came along to meet the teachers and find out what their young people will be LEARNING and all of the EXPERIENCES they will benefit from this year.  Can’t wait to see you AGAIN at the next Parent’s Evening in November! 

Students and staff have already been out and about – Art students have been VISITING a variety of exhibitions in London, over 200 students attended the HE and APPRENTICESHIP Fair at Tottenham football ground and we have LOADS of Business students heading off to CITY UNIVERSITY next week to get a TASTE of the CASS Business School. 

Talking of TASTES (my favourite subject) we have re-started the Business BREAKFAST with the Principal, this time we have been dining al-fresco in our SUBLIME new courtyard eatery, ‘The Hart @H6 On The Street’ – an amazing ONE-STOP, GRAB AND GO kiosk for our VERY BUSY #TeamHaringey6.  Now I am LOOKING FORWARD to the unveiling of our next NEW ‘Pop-up Hive @H6’ dining area – run exclusively by our AMAZING Professional Cookery students!

To sum up, change really is the only constant at Haringey Sixth Form College.  We LOVE constantly improving, our first VALUE is AIMING FOR EXCELLENCE in all that we do and nothing will ever change that!