Principal's BLOG



Yet again, the months just keep on rolling – how did we get to June so quickly?!  #TeamHaringey6 have been SO BUSY with all of our AMAZING students sitting their exams and finalising their coursework.  I have been SO PROUD of the #RESILIENCE and #AMBITION shown by our students in their approach to the end of the year.  Even now, during the half-term break, it is BUSINESS AS USUAL with students attending every single day, squeezing in any opportunity to get in some additional revision and coursework sessions - no stopping those students from being #SUCCESSFUL!!

As always, May was a FANTASTIC month filled with so many reasons to HAVE FUN.  We had the ESTUDIANTES AWARDS, CELEBRATING the outstanding achievements of all of our FOOTBALL students - attended by a VERY SPECIAL GUEST, footballer Eric Dier!  We also had a visit from PLAYWRIGHT, Roy Williams, working with our English and Performing Arts students.  Students were out on WORK EXPERIENCE at the ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE and we WELCOMED even more SPECIAL YOUNG PEOPLE onto our ALREADY BURSTING 14-16 ESOL course.  We are ALWAYS so DELIGHTED to have NEW MEMBERS of #TEAMHARINGEY6. 

Our AMAZING Entry and Foundation students have been extremely busy!  Firstly, a TREMENDOUS Carnival Performance, showing off all of the hard work they have put into their performing arts sessions over the last term.  Then doing us PROUD on their VISIT to the Power Up Exhibition at the Science Museum.

We have had NEWS that we have EVER MORE of our WONDERFUL basketball team heading off to the USA in the summer – watch out, America, we’re coming for you!  #HomeGrownTalent #AmericaYouAreSoWelcome

June is already FULLY BOOKED as we move now into FESTIVAL season and promises to be yet ANOTHER ACTIONED-PACKED and FUN-FILLED month (would you expect anything less from us?!).  We are looking forward to meeting our NEW members of #TeamHaringey6 at our VIP days for new students to join our already VIP existing students. 

The academic year ends with an absolute BANG  - we have our GRADUATION ceremonies for ALL students and are EXCITED to CELEBRATE the WONDERFUL and PLENTIFUL achievements of each and EVERY one of them!  And of course, while all that’s going on, we are GETTING BUSY preparing the college for the NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR!   It’s non-stop WORK HARD and PLAY HARD at Haringey 6th Form College - we know how to have a #GOODTIME!


March 2022

Marching into Spring!


What a way to start the month – Happy Pancake Day!!!  As you will know by now, food is my favourite subject, so it’s a good start to March for me!

Looking back at my blog from March last year, I was so excited that we were going to be back in College after another lockdown.  Look how far we have come now, practically back to normal!

We rounded off February with more VISITS, students have been our and about as always – last week we were cordially invited to participate in an Innovation Hub with the Met Police down at Scotland Yard – we had a GREAT day!   We had an EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL Academic Review Day for parents and carers on 22nd February, just EVEN MORE opportunities for parents to find out how OUTSTANDING their children really are.

So, what have we got for March?! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2022 on the 8th, our FANTASTIC Student Union are already getting the day prepared and we will have several activities running through the curriculum to address the global campaign is #BreakTheBias and that is about celebrating women’s achievement, raising awareness against bias and acting for equality.  This is something #TeamHaringey6 are good at – we held some AMAZING training for staff on unconscious bias back in the summer last year and we are always looking for ways to break down barriers in any way we can!

We are now busily preparing for our March Open Event on Saturday 5th and then our NEW MASTERCLASSES starting on 8th March.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit us or want to come to have ANOTHER LOOK because you couldn’t believe how FABULOUS we were, please book on via the website.

Our TREMENDOUS students never stop buzzing around – more TRIPS planned for March to the UK University and Apprenticeship Fair this week and a variety of universities this month.  Its all go, go go!

We have hundreds of our TERRIFIC students embarking on their WORK EXPERIENCE placements this, a number of very LUCKY employers will be finding out why #TeamHaringey6 is the team everyone wants to recruit from.  Enjoy!


April 2022

Having a cracking Easter!


We made it!  The end of a very busy term where we are now looking forward bringing it all together in the SUMMER!! Woo Hoo!!!

We finished March off in style with THE MOST AMAZING WORK EXPERIENCE that has EVER taken place at the college.  We had CREATIVE INDUSTRIES doing various employment projects, which all culminated in the publishing of our COLLEGE MAGAZINE, along with FANTASTIC displays of artwork, media, and print – it was EPIC!  Students from Business, Sport, ICT and Public Services were also out and about, spreading some #TeamHaringey6 love with employers, putting all the employability skills they have developed into practice.  Thanks to all the SUPERB professionals who committed their very PRECIOUS time to carrying out work-related activities with our INCREDIBLE students – too many organisations to mention here!

We had an EXCITING Strategy Day with our Board of Trustees who came in to spend the day with staff and students, looking at the progress we have made and having a good old catch up on all of our developments. It’s great to have such an enthusiastic Board who want to get involved and we were completely SPOILT by the DESSERTS prepared by our CATERING students in the POP-UP Hart & Hive – restaurant QUALITY!

Students studying English have just returned from the birthplace of the very famous Wuthering Heights and had a FABULOUS time!  Health and Social Care students enjoyed a trip to the London SOUTHBANK and the NATIONAL THEATRE and some of our STEM students spent some time with Taylor Woodrow Civil Engineers.

Having real community spirit is SO IMPORTANT to us and this was demonstrated in BUCKETLOADS by the sheer volume of students who met at the college at 6am this week to get a coach to SUPPORT our OUTSTANDING BASKETBALL TEAM as they played in the ABL Finals in Manchester, our Sports Hall was BURSTING at the seams with the audience for our latest VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT (guess who made it to the final?!) and our ICT students have been hosting TRAINING for local residents.

April brings a very well-deserved Easter break and the start of Ramadan, but like the busy bees that come out at this time of year, we are running a FABULOUS programme of revision and study skills sessions for our AMAZING students – they are so COMMITTED to their studies and being SUCCESSFUL that they will be working right through the Easter Holidays to secure what I know are going to be OUTSTANDING results in the Summer!  Come on #TeamHaringey6!  Students will be busy updating their travel cards now that they are in receipt of their 2nd TRAVEL BURSARY of the year – so many students have qualified by meeting the criteria of having OUTSTANDING attendance to college!

We are STILL wading through the ENORMOUS number of applications and offers for our students joining in SEPTEMBER (can’t wait to meet you guys!), more interviews taking place during the holidays!  We are already planning our NEW COURSES for 2023/2024… this space for some VERY EXCITING new courses, something VERY DIFFERENT  – we like to be ahead of the game, which is what makes us so SUCCESSFUL!

So, I want to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY EASTER BREAK.  I hope you enjoy some rest and recuperation - you will need your ENERGY for what will be the most THRILLING summer term at Haringey 6th Form College! 


May 2022

The Best is Yet to Come!


And AWAY WE GO!  Straight into the PUBLIC EXAMS after the May bank holiday – I am SO EXCITED about these exams – the first set of exams in the last 3 years and FINALLY a chance for our OUTSTANDING #TeamHaringey6 to be able to show off all their new knowledge and skills and the MASSIVE amounts of HARD WORK and PERSEVERANCE they have shown during their courses. #Ambition #Resilience.  Success is now within our REACH, and we are working with our FANTASTIC students to keep a focus on their GOALS.

Our DEDICATED and DETERMINED students and staff have been so BUSY with additional sessions and tuition, getting ready to have the VERY BEST chance of #Success.

Those who have applied to UNIVERSITY next year are BUSY choosing which of their NUMEROUS offers to accept – decisions, decisions!  INTERVIEWS for EMPLOYMENT, APPRENTICESHIPS and INTERNSHIPS are underway – imagine interviewing our students?!  How lucky you would be to meet young people ready with COMPETITIVE EDGE that they need to be WINNERS!  #TeamHaringey6 take every opportunity to ENRICH LEARNING with all the FANTASTIC EXPERIENCES on offer at the college, and this is now paying off in BUCKET LOADS.

Our FABULOUS Health and Social Care students have participated in a FINANCIAL LITERACY course, run by the AMAZING Distinctive Solutions – thanks again for coming back to EDUCATE our students on these REALLY IMPORTANT life skills.  #MoreThanACollege.  We had KARAOKE to finish off our NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN for Mental Health Month!  The HOSPITALITY service in the Pop-up Hart & Hive has, quite literally, started to POP UP every Friday with a range of tasty, RESTAURANT-STANDARD meals for us all to enjoy.

So, in amongst all our exams, what have we got planned for this month? - you MAY well ask!  I am sure by now you expect nothing less than ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURES right across the College and we never disappoint!  We have had to EXTEND our INTERVIEW evenings to make sure ALL of our AMAZING APPLICANTS can get some #H6Treatment

We are heading out ON THE ROAD again to YET ANOTHER Community Innovation Hub where our students can SHOW OFF their EXCELLENT and CONFIDENT networking skills, having their voices heard on some VERY IMPORTANT social issues.  We are so GOOD at this that our students are now IN DEMAND for these OPPORTUNITIES!  

AND we have ALREADY STARTED counting our STEPS for 80 MILES IN MAY in support of the Mental Health Foundation. 

Plans for our many CELEBRATION events in June are now well underway, as are the MEGA results celebrations planned for AUGUST, and we are finalising our THRILLING plans for September – courses have FILLED UP so quickly already!  We are already SO EXCITED for the NEW academic year and meeting even more TERRIFIC young people who CHOOSE US for their further education journey (because, you know, we are a bit SPECIAL, even if I do say so myself).