Principal's BLOG

2022 – Here we come!


Happy New Year - I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!  I love the FRESHNESS of the NEW YEAR and the chance to START AGAIN.  And, yes, here we go AGAIN having ANOTHER go at being even more AMBITIOUS, SUCCESSFUL AND RESILIENT than we already are! I KNOW this year is going to be the BEST one that #TeamHaringey6 have EVER had – I know it because I BELIEVE it and I have seen the VERY HARD WORK, DEDICATION AND DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE that has been put into our AMAZING college by all members of the team.  Work is hard, if it was easy, there would be little reward.  It’s also about STAYING POSITIVE and keeping our EYES ON THE PRIZE!!

Talking of prizes, it was so AMAZING to host our STAFF EXCELLENCE AWARDS at the Tottenham Hotspurs Ground in December – the chance to CELEBRATE in such PRESTIGIOUS surroundings the SPECIAL CONTRIBUTIONS of all of our FANTASTIC staff - and, yes, we did give a SPECIAL APPLAUSE for our students without whom none of our AMAZINGNESS would be possible!!  Another OPPORTUNITY to bring together our WONDERFUL COMMUNITY of staff and the Board of Trustees.

Our December open morning was SO BUSY, we were rushed off our feet. For those who were unable to come in and see for yourself what makes us so FABULOUS, check out the website for our upcoming dates.

Russ and I did our usual end of term assemblies – we never pass up a chance to ENGAGE and INTERACT with our LOVELY students and hopefully MOTIVATE them for the term ahead.  We had an OUTSTANDING performance from our Entry and Foundation students in partnership with Haringey Shed, they had worked so hard over the term to come up with their CHRISTMAS PRODUCTION!  Budding actors in the making!  And, if that wasn’t enough, we had Entry and Foundation students creating all manner of bespoke Christmas decorations for staff to purchase – such an ENTERPRISING group of young people with such CREATIVE TALENTS!

While some of us were having well-deserved rest earlier in the holidays, some of our WONDERFUL students spent their holiday time HELPING out at a local food bank.  We also had staff baking brownies and serving dinner with The Sister System.  The work never stops for us.  Our whole team at Haringey 6th Form have such WARM HEARTS and never pass up the opportunity to contribute to the local community #MoreThanACollege

So, looking forward, January is already fully booked with our NEW EMPLOYABILITY PLUS course starting on 10th January and then our students are straight into their EXAMS from 12th January – they have even been doing revision sessions online over the break!  We are also RE-LAUNCHING our Business Breakfasts with the Principal – starting WEDNESDAY 5th January and running EVERY WEDNESDAY from 8.45 – 9.15am.  I can only imagine what CULINARY DELIGHTS Shaj and the Innovate Team are going to be serving up for us this year!

On that note, may I wish you the HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS for 2022 -  enjoy the rest of your break because you are going to need all your ENERGY for what 2022 promises to bring!



October 2021

Change is the only constant!

And here we are with our BRAND NEW website – how EXCITED we have been to share our NEW LOOK with you!  You will be able to find all of the VERY INTERESTING information you need about our COLLEGE right here in this FANTASTIC new space, which is just a further reflection of our new physical spaces - we have taken the new look online! 

September was FANTASTIC.  All of our NEW and RETURNING AMAZING students here, filling the space with JOY and LAUGHTER.  If you still want to put YOUR FACE in OUR SPACE, get in touch ASAP.  I am sure for a special select few, we can find a space to squeeze you in – come along and CHANGE YOUR LIFE with a REAL college experience here @Haringey6! 

We have been SO BUSY, settling everyone in and making sure everyone is HAPPY and understands what is expected of them, and what they can expect from us - we are just the gift that keeps GIVING here at Haringey 6th Form College.  We have already had the PLEASURE of meeting our NEW students’ parents – THANK YOU to all who came along to meet the teachers and find out what their young people will be LEARNING and all of the EXPERIENCES they will benefit from this year.  Can’t wait to see you AGAIN at the next Parent’s Evening in November! 

Students and staff have already been out and about – Art students have been VISITING a variety of exhibitions in London, over 200 students attended the HE and APPRENTICESHIP Fair at Tottenham football ground and we have LOADS of Business students heading off to CITY UNIVERSITY next week to get a TASTE of the CASS Business School. 

Talking of TASTES (my favourite subject) we have re-started the Business BREAKFAST with the Principal, this time we have been dining al-fresco in our SUBLIME new courtyard eatery, ‘The Hart @H6 On The Street’ – an amazing ONE-STOP, GRAB AND GO kiosk for our VERY BUSY #TeamHaringey6.  Now I am LOOKING FORWARD to the unveiling of our next NEW ‘Pop-up Hive @H6’ dining area – run exclusively by our AMAZING Professional Cookery students!

To sum up, change really is the only constant at Haringey Sixth Form College.  We LOVE constantly improving, our first VALUE is AIMING FOR EXCELLENCE in all that we do and nothing will ever change that!

November 2021

November – keep stoking that fire!


Here we are, back for round 2 after a refreshing half term, looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us – straight into the November GCSE exam season!

We have so much AMAZING news from October, I don’t know where to start!

It was FABULOUS to confirm the membership of #TeamHaringey6 last month in the end of half term presentations - the sense of community we have here at the College and the feeling of belonging to something much bigger than just ourselves is second to none!

The first Student Parliament of the year was AMAZING - it’s so easy to get confused between the staff and the students these days, they were all so PROFESSIONAL putting their considered points across and suggesting how we can make the College even better.  Future Leaders being developed right before our eyes.

We don’t hang about at this college – our students are already BUSY plotting and planning their future goals.  We have had visits from the Crown Prosecution Service and the NHS to name but a few, ensuring that students are able to make informed career choices. Lots MORE to follow this half term.

Our first OPEN EVENT was OUTSTANDING – or standing room only in terms of the presentations!  WONDERFUL to be able to host this face to face event again and see the sparks of JOY when our visitors unlock all of the SURPRISES we have to see at this amazing college.

So, what now for November?!  Who needs a firework display when we have fires burning all year round in our college?!

Subject-specific open events this month will allow anyone interested in our WIDE RANGE of courses to sample the detail of what they will learn about.    

All of our FABULOUS additional EXTRA CURRICULAR activity is about to kick off – students in Health and Social Care and Business have the opportunity to gain EVEN MORE qualifications with the INTRODUCTION of an online training portal from TECHCENTRE TRAINING.  This will put our students streets ahead when it comes to their future career prospects.

Parents’ Evening on Wednesday, 17th November – really looking forward to catching up with all our AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE parents - I never miss an opportunity to CONGRATULATE them for producing all of the WONDERFUL human beings that are the students of Haringey 6th Form College!

Have a great November guys and never forgot to keep your flame ALIVE!

December 2021

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!


November went by in a flash of fireworks - I can’t believe we are almost at the end of 2021.  What a FANTASTIC year it has been for all of #TeamHaringey6

We had the most INCREDIBLE parents evening!  A mixture of online and face-to-face meetings meant that attendance was EXCELLENT and I never fail to be completely INSPIRED by the people who created the WONDERFUL human beings – our students!

We had even MORE engaging subject-specific open evenings, 4 in total and all were action-packed and showed off all of the EXCITING developments that we are making in our curriculum.  I already excited for the NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR and we are planning for this NOW – MORE NEW COURSES!  We don’t let the grass grow beneath us at this college!

Yes, you read it right on social media when you saw that CHRIS ‘BREEZY’ BROWN paid us a visit and shot a few hoops with the Basketball Team.  We are attracting PROFESSIONALS from all ends of the GLOBE!

All of our FABULOUS students continue to have their learning EXPERIENCE enriched every day – we have had so MANY extra-curriculum events in the last month – a VISIT from Commander Dr. Alison Heydari from the Metropolitan Police, cinema TRIPS for our Media students, a trip to the University of Hertfordshire for our Sports students who will be finding out about physiology to help them in their upcoming exams.  We also had our annual Higher Education and Apprenticeship fairs. Too many to mention here, but students really are receiving a very SPECIAL package at our EXCEPTIONAL college. 

Looking forward, I have to declare: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DECEMBER because I love Christmas and December is the month where you can celebrate for the sake of celebrating and eat loads of chocolate just because it’s Christmas.  And yes, as always, we will be PARTYING in style! We have our STAFF EXCELLENCE AWARDS coming up and this year we are taking it on tour with an EXTRA-SPECIAL event to celebrate and recognise all of the AMAZING staff who work above and beyond every single day for our students.

We have ANOTHER open morning on Saturday 4th December between 10am and 1pm – get yourself down here if you haven’t yet had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of seeing our AMAZING spaces and meeting our even more REMARKABLE staff.

And so now we are heading for a FRESH START again for 2022…….I do love a chance to start afresh.  We have lots of exciting plans for the new calendar year and, I am sure by the time we return in JANUARY 2022, we will have many more…………… this space because there’s always something NEW going on here #MoreThanACollege

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas break - EAT that chocolate, play that music LOUD, dance like no-one is watching and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE (safely and responsibly, obviously :) ).