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Hair, Beauty & Holistic Therapy

The UK’s beauty industry is worth £27 billion and continues to grow. This qualification is a stepping stone into an expanding and lucrative sector that is diverse, creative and innovative.

This qualification will develop knowledge, understanding and skills of specific services carried out within the hair and beauty sectors, roles and responsibilities and typical working patterns readying you for the world of work.  It will look at the evolution of hair and beauty, from use in Ancient times to the mid-90s.  In addition, it will look at how technological advancements, changes to the economy, and how social factors have influenced the sector. You will learn about the chemistry of cosmetics and biology related to hair and beauty as well as the uses of design and images for business use all of which will underpin the practical elements of the course as you put theory into practice, learning technical hair styling, make-up and manicure skills.


If you love being outside and at one with nature then this course is for you. As you know plants are a vital part of our survival, not only do they provide us with oxygen and a source of food, but they provide visual pleasure and the ability to transform a space and a feeling. Horticulture can provide excellent career opportunities. As part of this course you will learn about soil and how it can be used to best cultivate flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruit and grass and garden design. You will learn vital employability skills as well as developing your ability to work in a team.