We compete in the Basketball England U18 Premier League, Local League Men’s, U19 ABL and U20 EYBL (European Youth Basketball League).

With such a variety of competitions, athletes will experience a 50 + game season, which is an ideal environment to be in when preparing for the next level as a pro athlete. We believe one of the best ways to develop is to have as much in-game experience as possible, and our program caters for exactly that.

With the recent addition of the U20 EYBL competition, players are also able to travel to new places around the world and see different cultures, all while competing against elite European talent. Last season the team travelled to Italy successfully winning 8 out of 8 games.

“The EYBL tournament was a lot of fun, getting to travel to new places with my brothers was something I will never forget and coming home with a Trophy to show for all of our hard work made it even better” Alex Distras on the EYBL.

“The level of competition there was definitely much higher than it is in the UK, forcing me to step up my game which was a great challenge for me. It was my favourite part of last season” Torron Phillips on his EYBL experience last season.

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