Futsal Team

The Haringey 6th Form Futsal team are one of the strongest college teams in London. Over 30 students have had the opportunity to play in the LFNS England, one of the top senior futsal leagues in England.

7 of the students have played in the FA Cup of Futsal, with Owen Locke, our outstanding goalkeeper now regarded as one of the top futsal keepers in the country.

The students regularly compete against top senior teams in London, and have opportunities to train with and learn from the best players and coaches in England.

Our students have been able to secure scholarships to join some of the top futsal University teams in the country, including the International Futsal Academy at Loughborough.

Haringey 6th also organise futsal tournaments at both Under 16 and Under 13s level, with students both coaching teams and officiating matches.

Haringey Sixth Form College
White Hart Lane
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Tel. 020 8376 6000
Email : info@haringey6.ac.uk