Russell Group Forum Visit Lady Margaret Hall

On 7 March, a group of Haringey Sixth Form students visited Lady Margaret Hall, one of the colleges which makes up the University of Oxford. It describes itself as ‘an Oxford college for the 21st Century’ and is aiming to increase participation from students from Haringey in particular.

The students took part in icebreaker activities and had a chance to ask questions of current LMH students, including students who are taking part in the college’s revolutionary Foundation Year programme. This gives students who may just miss out on the grades for the traditional route to Oxford an alternative route to studying at the world’s best-known educational institution.

They also experienced an interactive sample lecture from Alan Rusbridger, the college principal and former editor of The Guardian, about the importance of the role of media and facts in modern society, as well as two more on the particle physics research at the CERN institute, and on interpretations of skin in literature.

Sahar Fattahi-Kahrez said the visit changed how she thought about university: ‘The trip changed my mind about the Foundation Year programme. I gained the right information in order to make me change my mind and actually apply next year.’

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