Russell Group and Oxbridge Forum

The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector. Under the leadership of Vice Principal Jane Franklin our Russell Group forum work closely with able students to help raise attainment and aspirations, and to provide careers IAG.

Raising attainment

The key reason why too few students from disadvantaged backgrounds apply to leading universities is that they are not achieving the right grades in the right subjects. We challenge that and ensure our students have the best possible opportunities.

This forum not only is committed to raising the attainment of our students but also their aspirations.

We do this in a variety of proactive ways, including:

*Providing continuing professional development for teachers
*Delivering academic support through mentoring
*Personalised one-to-one guidance in writing personal statements and applying to leading UK universities
*Direct links with university Admissions Tutors
*Individual support and help with preparation for specialist HE entrance tests, including LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT & TSA
*Shadowing and mentoring schemes
*Accompanied university visits to Russell Group universities
*Inspirational guest speakers
*Support with Extended Projects
*Summer schools
*Public speakers/debating

Here are some of our recent news items of how the forum has been successful so far.

Myth busting not all students who go to Oxford are Posh!

Haringey Sixth Form Students find out more about this exciting opportunity at the PDC from Lady Margaret Hall about what would it be like to study at Oxford University for one year AND have all your accommodation, living costs and fees paid for by the university!

In January, Selma, Haleh and Helena went to find more about this unique opportunity offered to students in Haringey. So what did they find out?

“I never thought about Oxford, but I found out a lot today, especially that not everyone who goes there is posh or from private schools only … “

“you don’t have to get the top grades, like As in all your GCSES and A levels for this course, because they look at other things like the school you went to”

“I know that you need to be dedicated and love the subject you want to study, but that you will get the best people to teach you, it could be someone who wrote a text book of the subject you want to study! “

“You have to write an essay, like a personal statement but you get help from your teachers on it”

The myth busting session was a good way to find out that sometimes what you think you know about a place may in fact be different to your perceptions, researching and asking lots of questions can truly change your perception. Find out more about the Foundation course -

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