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Haringey Unchained creative blog is a showcase of the creative talent of all members of the Haringey Sixth Form College community. Over the last two years, we’ve brought together a wide range of artistic expression. Our blog provides space to those whose work otherwise might not be seen or read. Students, teachers and partnership peers have all contributed to the excellent work we are displaying online, including some amazing pieces of artwork, see the Haringey Unchained Gallery.

In the enrichment every week, the students of Haringey Unchained write their own work, in addition to acting as an editorial team for the submissions of our students and staff. The students have also experience a wide range of literary events and publishing experienced, including:

Haringey Unchained Volume 2 Hot off the Press! Haringey Unchained 2017

Published work with 'Exposure'

A multi-award winning charitable youth communications enterprise – with multiple media projects including a website and a magazine showcasing young people.

Click here to see the link to Lina Charki’s poem "Insecurity".

Nick Hayes visits Haringey Sixth Form College:

In November 2014, Haringey Unchained welcomed author and illustrator Nick Hayes. Hayes is known for his graphic novels: The Rime of the Modern Mariner, Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads, and the most recently published Cormorance. During his workshop, he taught the students of Haringey Unchained that: “Having an opinion is vital – expressing it, more so. Get your work seen. Publish or perish.”

Nick Hayes Visit

European Literature Festival:

The ELF is a project involving 31 European cultural institutes and embassies that aims to celebrate the translation of European literature into English. The European Literature Night is the British annual literary showcase bringing the best of the continent’s writers to the British Library. Held in May each year in London, the night was expanded in 2016 to include a week’s worth of literary events. Haringey Sixth Form College was lucky to host the festival in conjunction with the launch of the printed magazine for Haringey Unchained. We welcomed Solvenian writer Gabriela Babnik and Belgian writer Peter Verhelst to our college to share their expertise and to work with our students on their creative endeavours. At the end of our festival day, dancers from WeMove, the college dance enrichment programme, brought the work of Haringey Unchained writers to life with choreographed dance and dramatic pieces performed in our theatre.

European Literature Festival 2European Literature Festival 1

On 17th January:

Haringey Unchained was proud to participate in the European Literature Festival's High Impact event at the Tabernacle in West London. Our 6 creative writers worked behind the scenes with presenter Rosie Goldsmith to deliver an exciting evening dedicated to the promotion of Dutch writing into English translation. It was an all-star cast of writers including best-selling authors Herman Koch and David Nicholls, along with a host of other critically acclaimed writers from the Netherlands and the UK. Over 80 members of the general public were in the audience for this cabaret-style evening of entertainment: readings, chat, music, food and drink.

IMG 6847

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Partnership with Pepperdine University, Malibu, California:

In 2016, the members of Haringey Unchained worked with students visiting and studying in London from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California to produce a 32-page literary and creative art magazine. We selected pieces from a wide range of submitted work and then went to work laying out the flat plan, designing the magazine itself and having the material professionally printed. The Pepperdine students’ work is denoted by a * on our blog.

Magazine Cover      Pepperdine University Students

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