Head Coach Alex Ducasse

Hi I’m Coach Alex, I will be leading Haringey Sixth Form College's basketball team this year. I am taking over a hugely successful program and hope to continue brining in success. I believe as a college coach, that we influence these young student athletes’ lives as much as their parents, carers and teachers do. With this knowledge I want to help these students reach the next stage of their career whether it is in basketball or school life in general. I have used the term student athlete because I also believe that school is the most important thing for these young boys and girls need to reach the next level. If they wish to go pro in the future I will help them home their skills to play on that level, as long as they are willing to put in the hard work. However if they do not obtain good grades they will not be able to play anywhere at a high level. So this is why I refer to them as student athletes. The same thing applies for Colleges in America, Universities in Europe, will only want bright, kind, coachable student athletes, so my job is to nurture them in the right way to make sure they achieve their goals.

My background includes playing junior basketball at a high level, I have represented my region and have been selected to go to England training camp during my early years of playing. I then took a year to play and study in Utah where I learned how to train my body and mind doing up to 8 training sessions per week (sometimes more) plus trying to retain good grades. Later I went to Italy where I trained and then injured myself, this was very upsetting at the time however a blessing in disguise. I was offered a scholarship to play at a high level university that played in premier, where we reached BUC’s final 8’s (best 8 university basketball teams in the UK) two years in a row. This was the start of my learning I truly believe, as I fell in love with studying, again the term student athlete comes into play being able to time manage properly school and basketball.

As a young teenager I was always asked what do I want to do, and I always said ‘play basketball’, and people expect you to know your true adult career when you are young. However I found myself in university, studying sports science and later getting a masters in sports science: strength and conditioning. Having this masters has allowed me to work with Olympic level athletes and high competitive UK athletes, student athletes in Tennis, track and field and Taekwondo before using my knowledge to help our student athletes who are in a similar position to where I was as a young student athlete. This is what I really want to do, teach and help young people who are in similar positions to what I have and pass on my knowledge to help develop them into responsible young adults.

The style of play that Haringey will be playing is high intense, fast pace and loud and aggressive defence. The team consist of players who are able to run the floor this year, play some tough defence. I really think this will be a great year for basketball in H6, there is a lot of work to do but with constant pressure I’m sure my coaching team and myself will make diamonds out of these young student athletes.

Alex DuCasse
Haringey Sixth Form College
White Hart Lane
N17 8HR

Tel. 020 8376 6000
Email : info@haringey6.ac.uk