'We're All In The Same Boat' - Rowing with Entry & Foundation

On Tuesday 7th May 2019, some of our Entry & Foundation students and staff journeyed on to their weekly rowing session at Lea Rowing Club. The weather was beautiful, the atmosphere was lovely and to top it off they were joined by Russ Lawrance – Principal & CEO of Haringey Sixth Form College.

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Haringey Sixth Form College college have been fortunate and grateful for the continuous support that the Tottenham Grammar School Foundation have provided to us, which has enabled our planned outdoor activity curriculum. Previously, they funded some of our activities such as climbing, horse riding, rowing, cycling, residential stay’s (Pendarren) and many more of our outdoor activities. We are extremely thankful to them.

"I love rowing because it's a calm sport if the waters are calm but it can also be rigorous if the tides are high. That's the beauty of it." - Entry & Foundation student at Haringey Sixth Form College.

Haringey Sixth Form College's Entry & Foundation ICT Teacher, Taskin Barac approached the Tottenham Grammar School Foundation again this year to request further funding for our rowing activity and they kindly agreed to support us. As our rowing and cycling ventures are going really well and our SEN students enjoy them very much, Taskin is planning to resume climbing & horse riding activities next year, with the hope of approaching the Tottenham Grammar Foundation again for their support, of which we would be extremely grateful for if they were to assist.

"Students' wellbeing and teamwork have always been an important element of the Entry & Foundation curriculum as it benefits our students in many ways." – Taskin Barac - Entry & Foundation ICT Teacher at Haringey Sixth Form College

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"A huge thank you to the Entry & Foundation Staff and students for allowing me to join their rowing session on the water this week. It was great to be part of their team. Rowing is a perfect sport for all people and especially for the development of these students. Well done to the staff.

On the water, you have to learn to be an integral part of that team; rowing in synchronisation with the others.

It was a great feeling to be part of this project. You can see the achievements are being made by the students and staff. As Principal & CEO of Haringey Sixth Form College, it summed up #TeamHaringey6 for me where and the collective team effort has played a vital role in the college's current and indeed ongoing success. I will be going again!" – Russ Lawrance, Principal & CEO of Haringey Sixth Form College.



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