#TeamHaringey6 Petition Against Breast Ironing

'Amend the Children Act,1989 to include Breast Ironing, Now!'

In December 2019, Nami Wallace Goring, BTEC Criminology and Law Teacher from Haringey Sixth Form College had started a project for H6 students to campaign against breast ironing to have the law changed. As part of Unit 1 of the Criminology course, her aim was to raise awareness about under-reported crimes in Britain and it has been a whole year since Michael Taylor successfully campaigned to criminalise it but there is still no specific law in England and Wales.

"We have settled on the very secretive practice of breast ironing and would like to reach 1,000 signatures before we approach our MP David Lammy to raise this issue in Parliament on our behalf." - Nami Wallace Goring, BTEC Criminology and Law Teacher.

Most people are aware of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and this is now a specific offence under the Children Act 1989 (Amendment) (Female Genital Mutilation) Act. For this reason we think that breast ironing is an important area to address as awareness needs to be raised and victims are in need of support.

"Getting involved in campaigning is good for students. Here at Haringey Sixth Form College, we believe developing education goes way beyond the classrooms and qualifications. Being involved in something like this enables students to follow structures. With support from our excellent staff they will understand things like a campaign cycle; be this from analysing and selecting the issue, developing strategy, planning the campaign, delivering it, monitoring progress, evaluating impact and drawing out learning.

Huge thanks to our amazing staff for providing the enriching experiences and of course to our inspirational students for engaging. This again shows the true values of our amazing college" - Russ Lawrance, CEO/Principal of Haringey Sixth Form College

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