#TeamHaringey6 Graduations 2021

This graduation is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible achievements of our students, recognising each and everyone of you, high achievers from across the range of vocational courses at #H6.

While every student’s story is unique, you all share some important traits, those of commitment, endeavor and character. Upholding the college values of excellence in everything we do, respect and a can do will do attitude.
I am so proud of all our students I have seen them blossoming through their time here, transforming into confident and engaging members of the community. There are inspirational young people, some have overcome incredible adversity. They all have not only succeeded, but have excel in their work and will do as they progress through life. But the roots of their success are found in the support provided by their families, friends and the incredible staff at #H6. Many of the students would not be sitting here today without the unrivalled support and dedication of their tutors.

While this is the culmination of a great deal of hard work for our students, it is just the beginning of their adventures some are leaving and moving into the wider world and we wish them all the success in the world. Some are returning for further study with us at #TeamHaringey6. Carry on being excellent in everything you do.
For me everyone in this room today you are all winners and impeccable ambassadors for Haringey Sixth Form College.

In case you missed it, or if you simply want to re-live the moment, click here to view snapshots of the wonderful #TeamHaringey6 Class of 2021 Ceremony.

In the meantime click on the below video highlights of our 3 days of Graduations:

Day 1:

Day 2:


Day 3:




For students who are looking to apply for September 2021, please click here

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