Nick Hayes gives workshop to Haringey Unchained Published writer and graphic novelist Nick Hayes

Published writer and graphic novelist Nick Hayes gives workshop to Haringey Unchained creatives:

Haringey Sixth Form College was very lucky to welcome back Nick Hayes to our college this July! After last year’s successful creative festival events led by Nick, one of our favourite supporters, he returned to give a workshop to our 10 creative artists who run the Haringey Unchained creative blog and literary magazine. Nick brought his latest project, currently a work in progress, to share with the students, including tales of research and experiences of trespassing. We are very excited to see the final product when it is published and thank him very much for spending time with us!

Testimonials from students:
The workshop with Nick Hayes not only provided insight into the process of writing and publishing professionally, but it was also very engaging particularly when we discussed the divisions within society and the inequalities that occur from them- which is discussed in Nick’s book. As always, Nick managed to start conversation on serious topics where individuals can share their opinions comfortably and discuss. Overall, the workshop was one of he highlights of the day.

The workshop was a lot of fun. As a group, we discussed and had conversations, rather than arguments, about racism and class; what that means to us personally, and how it affects us individually. Many interesting and thought provoking opinions were talked about, meaning there wasn’t a dull moment. We also touched on what we plan to do with our creative work in the future, which allowed me to actually voice my idea for the first time, making sense of what may initially look like a collection of random drawings.

By taking part in the workshop provided by Nick Hayes, we were all lucky enough to not only openly engage with an author as talented as him, but also gain inspiration by his immense success and dedication. Throughout the workshop, Nick Hayes allowed us all to openly communicate our own ideas and explore each other’s creativity, whilst also providing us with an insight to the behind the scenes of publication.

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