Public Services Student goes to Nepal

By Megan Munns

Level 3 Public Services Yr 2

I have been in the London Fire Brigade cadets for 4 years and I am currently a Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ambassador. I got involved in this project through my secondary school who allowed me the opportunity to gain a qualification within the service. I chose to join the LFB Fire Cadets because I felt like I needed a change. I used to be a very shy and withdrawn person, but being part of the Fire Cadets allowed me to become more confident. I then decided to stay on as they had helped me gain so many new skills and I wanted to give something back and to help develop others further. I felt a sense of pride there.

Haringey Sixth Form College have been so supportive through my whole ambassador role and with going to Nepal by allowing me to take time off college in order to fulfil my duties within my role and to complete this life changing experience as well as strive to become a firefighter in the future.

Last year I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Nepal and finish the build of a school the London Fire Brigade raised money for. My journey to Nepal was my first outside of the UK and the thought of it being so far away made me feel quite anxious. When we landed, our eyes lit up and we were stunned by how beautiful Nepal really was; pictures do not do justice!

We were all eager to get out and explore Kathmandu, as the sights were breathtaking; everyone was so respectful and welcoming. When we made it into the village of Kangel we knew this was where the real hard work and dedication took place. The smile that we were able to put on the faces of the children and villagers upon our arrival will be something I will always remember. It was touching to see them so overwhelmed.

This was one of the most heart-warming things I have ever done in my life. I can’t believe the difference that we have managed to make to not only the lives of those children but the lives of the children of the generations to come too. It is mind blowing.

I bring back with me not just memories of this life changing experience, but also pride and determination that LFB Fire Cadets will be able to make a difference to so many more children's lives by continuing to support such an amazing project.

Public Services teacher said "Megan’s trip to Nepal was an outstanding experience. She demonstrated great level of bravery and courage when taking on this amazing opportunity to help complete the build of a school, which will make a huge difference to the lives of these Nepalese children. We are once again ever so proud of Megan. She is definitely one of the most ambitious and dedicated students we have come across in the college, who strives to make a difference in the lives of others, and she does this successfully. We can’t wait to see more of what she has to bring to our society and to our world!"

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October 2017
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