Level 3 B90 BTEC Health Education Campaign Promoting Health Education

As part of their Level 3 BTEC course, the class were divided into four groups.

As this was a student led assignment, the groups took over and made all the decisions themselves. They also invited the Principal to attend.

Each group identified their own health education topic – smoking, teenage pregnancy, sexual health and mental health.

The group had some lesson time to plan and prepare and sourced their own resources. For example, on the morning of the campaign one group were obtaining leaflets and information from a local GP Practice.

All of the students became involved and had to adopt the mantle of the expert and be the health education professional here in Haringey Sixth Form College for the morning.

Over the time of the campaign, approximately 60+ students visited one of the stalls and in excess of 50 condoms were given out! The Mental Health Awareness stall was particularly well populated and during the campaign more leaflets had to be printed off as the original amount had all been issued.

After the campaign, staff who attended have recorded how professional and knowledgeable they found the students and noted particularly their enthusiasm.

A successful campaign!

Haringey Sixth Form College Principal Russ Lawrance commented, “I was delighted to be invited to attend by the students themselves. What was clear from the work that they have been doing was their awareness that the long-term success of this campaign is dependent on a co-ordinated approach to health and well-being. Their campaign really demonstrated the contribution individuals can make to promoting their own health and well-being through their own healthy lifestyle choices and decisions. Their work has helped our student across the college with an understanding of health education and the promotion campaign also improved quality of information students can receive and how access to it I was very impressed. Well done to all involved”

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