Physics Trip - Onboard HQSW Wellington Naval Laboratory

18 of our AS and A2 Physics students visited the HQS Wellington, a decommissioned convoy escort ship from World War II that is currently moored on the Thames at Temple Embankment. The ship has become the headquarters of the Master Mariners and a conference centre on 20th October 2017.

The Wellington trust which owns the ship has also employed an education Coordinator to develop education programs to be delivered on the ship for school students of various ages. One goal of these programs is to advertise maritime careers.

John Parsons, a Physics coach with the IOP (Institute of Physics) has set up a set of Physics experiments on the ship for mainly A2 Physics students. These introduce students to the Physics principles that apply to ships at sea. The experiments use concepts and theory from the AS and A2 Physics syllabus, but develop these beyond the required applications taught in the classroom. Thus students are introduced to Physics concepts and equations applied in a Naval context.

Students are stretched to apply their knowledge to situations that they have never seen before and that take them beyond their current application and experience of classroom Physics. The workshop also introduces them to possible Engineering careers at sea. They enjoyed the workshops and the AS students had their first experience of experimental work.


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