Haringey Sixth Form Language and Literature English department travel to Transylvania, Romania

Due to a generous grant from the Tottenham Grammar School Foundation, a group of 16 students and 2 staff members from the English department travelled to Transylvania, Romania for four days in April. This trip supported the students in their research of Bram Stoker’s famous novel: Dracula. Most of the students who came on the trip had never been to Europe, and all of them had never been to Romania before.

With the help of Anglia Tours, our students traced the footsteps of Vlad Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler as he is commonly known, one of the historical figures on which Stoker based his famous villain: Count Dracula.

After arriving in Bucharest, we started from Vlad’s birth place in Sighisoara, moving through the Transylvanian countryside to the Carpathian Mountains, where Jonathan Harker first encounters Count Dracula and where we got to climb 1500 steps to visit Poenari Citadel, Vlad the Impaler’s fortress. We then made our way to the infamous Bran Castle, where Vlad the Impaler was thought to have stayed and where countless tourists visit daily in hopes of finding Count Dracula. At the end of the trip, we paid our respects at the Snagov Monastery where Vlad is rumoured to be buried. In between all of these sites, we enjoyed the Romanian countryside: adorned by rolling hills, high peaked snowy mountains in the far distance and mile upon mile of dense, green forests, stopping to explore small villages and city centres along the way.

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