A Level Psychology visit BodyWorlds Exhibit

On Tuesday 19th March 2019 the first year Psychology students went to The BodyWorlds Exhibit at Piccadilly Circus in London. Students had the opportunity to explore the human body, looking at its inner workings and discussing how each part of the body is controlled by the mind.

We had the opportunity to explore not just psychology but also healthy lifestyle choices and the effect that poor choices can have on us and how this may lead to stress and other mental health issues in the future. Students were able to put into practice their understanding of the nervous system and gained an insight into other aspects of biological psychology and mental health ahead of starting a unit for the second year of their course.

All students really enjoyed the trip and were keen to talk about all the different facts that they had learnt about different parts of the body. They found it “fascinating” and “interesting” and didn’t realise how psychology related to many different elements of the body!




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