Haringey is ‘Unchained’ on the South Bank Haringey Sixth Form College at US Embassy

Haringey Sixth Form College students and faculty were invited by the Peabody People Services to join many creative organisations and twelve internationally renowned artists at the Art Night on the Thames Riverbank on Saturday 7th July. We sent members of our creative and literary magazine: Haringey Unchained, to represent the college among the large art community in London.

The U.S. Embassy hosted Art Night, the largest free contemporary arts festival, at their brand new £800 million building in Nine Elms. They used the opportunity to promote their incredible programme Art in Embassies, through which they inspire creativity, supporting collaboration and building on national and international diplomacy. The embassy commissioned works, pictured here, to participate in this prestigious event for the very first time. Haringey was honoured to be among the selected groups invited to such a special location, one that is rarely open to the public.

Statement from Curriculum and Learning Manager for English, Art, Media and ESOL: Angie Smith

It was an absolute pleasure and treat to attend this incredibly inspiring event with the creative community of central London and members of the American Embassy. The writers from Haringey Unchained and myself are so grateful to the Peabody Trust for inviting us along. I was very proud of the way our young creatives were able to engage with people within the field, celebrating and applauding the efforts of our Haringey community through the promotion of our latest edition of the magazine. We brought 50 copies along with us to give away…and we came home with no copies! We hope this will be the beginning of a fruitful partnership between the Embassy and our students.


Testimonials from students:

Being invited to the U.S Embassy was truly an honour for us all. We were not only presented with stunning art and a beautiful building, but we were also warmly welcomed by all staff members. Being able to see such success within the art exhibition further encourages me to pursue the art I believe in. It was truly an unforgettable experience that we as a group shared. – Zubeyde

This event was quite interesting to attend. Not only to see the artwork being displayed in part of the embassy, but to meet like-minded people who listened to us describe our magazine, and shared similar sentiments with what they’re doing in their own projects. – Takudzwa

The US embassy encouraged me to speak to successful individuals and inspire their minds through Haringey Unchained. It gave me an insight to the world of creativity and imagination, and it made me feel lucky to have a platform to express my mind and most importantly made me believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. – Nawida

It was an honour to be invited to attend the Art Night held at the new U.S Embassy, which was decorated with some amazing pieces of art. The event also provided us with opportunities to network with people from different sectors who all shared a common interest in art, and discuss with them the work we do in Haringey Unchained. - Samiha

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