Visit to Geneva

Maths and Physics students from Haringey Sixth Form College are just back from Geneva where they spent 4 days. Their visit included the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, the CERN and many more sightseeing. The weather was particularly hot with temperatures as high as 30ºC and so, at the end of the day, everyone enjoyed a dip in the lake.

When visiting the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, the students had the opportunity to reflect on global scale tragedies such as the Rwandan genocide, the First World War, the Yugoslavian War and the Aids pandemic. For example, the exhibition included details on how 10,000 orphans from the Rwandan genocide have been reunited with members of their family through careful cataloging of the pictures of these children.

The guided tour of the CERN conducted by current researchers and engineers CERN, presented our students with a wealth of information on the technical aspect of running the particle accelerator. The enthusiasm of our guides was instrumental in generating discussions about the future, the jobs in the field, the qualifications required…Not withstanding that the information about the standard model, the interaction of the electrical field with the magnetic field is clearly mapped into the syllabus of the students in the 2nd year.

Our students came back truly motivated for their end-of-year examination: "The trip was all good, there were no negatives", "It was an unforgettable experience." And they are now preparing for the second part of the project. More than 10 local primary schools will host our students in their school assemblies in September and October. There the students will also have the opportunity to describe and reflect on their trip and provide STEM role models for future generations of Tottenham.

The trip was organised by the Maths department of the College and the 6th Form College Parents-Staff Association and funded by Northumberland Park Partnership Board, the Selby Trust and the Odgen Fund.

Russ Lawrance Haringey Sixth Form College Principal commented “What an amazing addition to the A level Maths and Physics courses here at the college. An opportunity among other things to go to see the work of the world's biggest physics laboratory and seeing first-hand how they use the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter. Wow, fantastic! This is a dream trip for any student passionate about Mathematics and Physics. A huge personal thanks again to our staff for taking the students, this is another outstanding example our commitment to providing an outstanding learner experience at the college."

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