Is #TeamOrange Going Green?

In addition to Haringey Sixth Form College's site development works (partnership with Rap Interiors and Brookhouse UK), the college has been making further positive changes with the implementation of its sustainable, eco-friendly solar power to replace its gas and electricity usage, ensuring the site’s carbon footprint is kept low.

Does this mean that #TeamOrange orange is now going green? Definitely, but only in terms of its 'steps' towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly environment - pun intended!

“As Director of Campus & Estates, it is an ongoing challenge to manage the site efficiently and effectively so that the student experience is always positive.

We are always looking at ways not to waste unnecessarily. With this in mind, the college has been undertaking a refurbishment of the building to best utilise the space and also the latest technologies available.

One of the most effective is to cut down on the headline costs of running the site, whilst also being mindful of the impact that this has on the environment.

The gas and electricity costs are the major part of the facilities budget, but more than that they are also the largest drain on resources. By implementing more energy-efficient lighting and using solar power to replace our gas and electricity usage, we can reduce our costs, but more importantly reduce our impact on the environment.

Our young people are fully aware of the impact fossil fuels have on the planet and we should listen and take their lead.” John Mansfield, Haringey Sixth Form College’s Director of Campus & Estates.

Being such a large site, the positive sustainable impact that this project will have on not only the college but also its surrounding areas will be immense and beneficial to the wider Haringey borough.

“I often say to people that being either in support or against anything is all well and good but what can we all then do to make an impact?

I passionately believe that we all should look at the actions we take every day to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore live a more sustainable life.

As both an individual leader of education and being in charge of a college and thousands of young people, I/we have a responsibility to lead and take positive actions in this area.

So here is the direct challenge from me to #TeamHaringey6 - how can we as a college significantly reduce our carbon footprint? Herein lies a great example.

Let’s take this opportunity to challenge staff and students to consider environmental alternatives by modifying their own lifestyles” - Russ Lawrance, Haringey Sixth Form College’s Chief Executive.

This isn’t the first and only implementation the college has taken to become a sustainable, eco-friendly site. Previous initiatives also saw H6 taking its steps to higher eco-friendly heights, with projects such as:

  • The introduction of a healthier menu choice rolled out in October 2019 with their Innovate partnership
  • The cross-college installation of sustainable waste disposal 
  • Maintenance of green spaces 
  • All the refurbishment works to the Innovation Centre, Reception and the 7 washrooms, which have resulted in the use of LED lighting linked to PIR’s, so no more lights left on
  • Installing infra-red toilet flush and tap sensors to cut down on water waste
  • Replacing the lower atrium lights and the remaining classroom and upper atrium ones to more energy-efficient ones

Additionally, the college is re-commissioning the photovoltaic solar heating system on its roof. This will provide the college with all its domestic hot water, rather than having to use the gas and electric boilers used at present. These will remain for backup only.

So put all this together and Haringey Sixth Form College becomes a stunning, transformational learning environment.

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