ICT Student goes to Japan

My Journey to Japan - by Kaan


Japan has been my dream ever since I was young and going there was the biggest mistake I made.

So many people told me I was “stupid” that I am an “idiot” and I’m too “young” to go that far. The best part about them telling me those things, is that I got to prove them wrong.

The minute I arrived in Japan I literally thought I was back at home dreaming away, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. I got off the plane and I was kindly welcomed to Japan by the amazing staff at Haneda Airport who also helped me navigate my way to find a taxi to my apartment. When I arrived to my apartment I was seriously exhausted as my flight was 22 hours from London to Dubai to Japan.

I thought I would freshen up before I call it a night, instead when I walked into the men’s room my toilet began speaking to me. I will honestly tell you it took me a good minute to locate who was talking to me. The toilet greeted me by saying “Hello” in Japanese. Anyways, despite my mini-heart attack, my entire trip was filled with adventure and new knowledge.

Every day was a new day to learn and try something new, which I did. I visited Japanese Shinto shrines, (Shintoism is one of the most popular religion’s in Japan). I also visited Electronic Town (Akihabara) which they have the coolest stuff in the ENTIRE world, I can promise you that, I tried exotic Japanese food and even went to a traditional Japanese pub called an Izakaya.

However, even though I visited so many places in Japan and I can go on and on about them believe me… The one thing that stood out the most to me was the respect and discipline that the Japanese people all have. I think the most special part of Japan is not what they have to offer but who they are as people is what inspired me to continue to better myself as a person.

Now, why visiting my dream place was the biggest mistake ever was because the experience of just visiting there has made me set my mentality on not wanting to be anywhere else in the world other than Japan. I came back to the UK and I can’t tell you how depressed I am (still). However, life is too short to be upset, instead of thinking about how much I miss Japan, I now think about how and what I need to do to go back home.

I’d like to thank my teachers and my college for trusting me on this trip as without their trust I wouldn’t have found my goal in life. 

My favourite quote is “We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.”

Russ Lawrance, Principal said "At Haringey Sixth Form College we feel that it is really important that our students explore and test out their dreams and ambitions and I am more than happy to support all of our students that have enough passion and drive to venture on experiences like Kaan has."


November 2017
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