Health & Social Care Guest Speaker from The Margaret Centre

The Margaret Centre provides specialist palliative care for people affected by life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, neurological conditions and end stage heart or lung conditions.

Neil Browne Lead clinical Therapist from the Margaret Centre in Whipps Cross Hospital and St Bartholomew Hospital has worked in both hospitals for over 15 years working with patients who are terminally ill or at the end of their lives, he has written a number of papers for the NHS on Complementary Therapies and Cancer and Equality and diversity.

 Neil discussed the following areas with the Health & Social Care students:

  • Inequalities in health care
  • Policies and procedures
  • Individual reflective practice
  • Making errors of judgement
  • Case studies

The students are working on Unit 2 Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care so the information provided was invaluable in supporting their assignment tasks and knowledge.

Sezen Asku, Health & Social Care student said "The talk was really good and interesting, I used some of the information for my assignment. I liked when he made us work on the scenarios, they helped me to recognize how some people are really discriminated against especially gay and transgender people." Ashante Agard, said "I really enjoyed the session, I was able to have a better understanding of how service users can feel when they are been discriminated against, one of the case studies was sad because of what the person was go through with other patients, it made me think about what I would do in that situation."

Neil commented on how engaged and interactive he found the learners and was more that pleased to share his knowledge and experiences.

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