Haringey Unchained working with Middlesex University

On Monday 27th November, Haringey Unchained kicked off preparations for Volume 3 of the magazine with its 2017/2018 partner: Middlesex University. After 2 successful years working with Pepperdine University and The University of Warwick, Middlesex University has kindly agreed to work with us, and their enthusiasm and interest was evident at our first session.

We all went to Middlesex in Hendon to begin the process of editorial for our creative blog and literary magazine. In the session, we discussed how to provide constructive criticism, what the requirements are for accepted submissions, and how we might want to improve this year’s magazine. Over the course of the year, we will be meeting intermittently to discuss submissions, to lay out the flat plan and to launch the magazine. After our first incredibly productive and inspiring session, we are very excited for what the rest of the school year holds in store for us all. Read about our visit here

Russ Lawrance, Haringey Sixth Form College Principal commented, “This is fantastic work; it really does advocate for the inclusion of creative writing in English courses. I applaud the work that Angie undertakes on behalf of and with our students. She is second to none in exploring the benefits of using creative writing activities. This is going the extra mile again and one of the reasons the students achieve outstanding outcomes in English here at Haringey Sixth Form College. This additionally creates active learners and facilitates further student understanding of literary work. It is aligned with our college value of achieving excellence in everything we do, inspiring that deeper commitment to excellence; it really does motivate the students and helps with group bonding.

Dr Anna Charalambidou, Lecturer in English Language & Programme Leader BA English from Middlesex University said “Middlesex University is absolutely delighted to be the 2017-18 University partner of Haringey Unchained. We welcomed on campus twelve enthusiastic and motivated Haringey Sixth Form College students, with their inspirational teacher Angie Smith. Four undergraduate BA English students from Middlesex University worked with Haringey students to edit work submitted for the next issue of Haringey Unchained magazine and blog. Our students are already collecting new submissions and are really excited about what we hope to be a fantastic issue of the literary magazine that will showcase the creative talent of Haringey Sixth Form Centre and Middlesex University to a wide audience.”

Haringey Unchained member said “As a student soon to embark on my own university journey, I am excited at the prospect of working in collaboration with Middlesex University and representing both Haringey Unchained and my fellow students, who have worked endlessly to produce content for our blog and magazine, and which I am proud to present to the university. I personally look forward to learning more about creative writing and publishing whilst developing my own writing skills.”

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