H6 Collab With Amazon to Create The 'H6' Skill

Keeping in line with Haringey Sixth Form College’s dedication to providing the best #H6Experience, they have teamed up with Amazon (Amazon Web Services) to utilise the latest technologies available and provide innovative ways of enhancing the teaching/learning experience by installing Amazon Alexa devices across the college. 'H6' is the official name for the Alexa skill devices of Haringey Sixth Form College.

"Whether you are trying to find the right course for your future, or busy studying to create that future, being able to find information or provide feedback simply by using your voice is often faster and easier than navigating through phone or computer screens.

For students who find it difficult to use a screen and keyboard, the ability to “ask H6” can make a significant difference to their studies.

Developed by Ambiently, an AWS EdTech Innovator, Cognito Assist is a highly configurable platform that can be tailored to provide a unique and branded Alexa Skill for colleges and schools." - Robert Moores, Ambiently CEO.

The burning questions - what is it and how will it work?

Well, as with the usual Amazon Alexa devices, when someone asks H6 a question, H6 will then respond accordingly or perform the request on-demand. For example, if someone asks - “H6, when do BTEC Level 3 Public Services exams start next year?”, H6 will then respond to the user with the appropriate answer, drawn from a database of pre-inputted information.

“Right from the initial point of contact that Haringey Sixth has with students, we challenge them to #DiscoverThe Difference, to find out why are we #MoreThanACollege. So here is one of many examples of how and why we are #MoreThanACollege and #Different!

The way to change the world, or at least your world, is to dare to be different. When you dare to be different, you step out of the mould, and you make space for your creative twists. When you dare to be different, unique creative contributions can thrive and this innovation is a prime example.

Notice boards and newsletters as a way of communication with young people? I don’t think so! Fun, interactive, informative and engaging via this platform, we hope.

Well done once again, #TeamHaringey6 - excellence in everything we do.” - Russ Lawrance, Haringey Sixth Form College Chief Executive.

These devices simplify the user experience when on-site via efficient information sharing and general knowledge.

In an ever-evolving technological environment, it’s vital that we, as an educational establishment, provide our learners with the tools, knowledge and databases that they will most likely be using once they enter the field of employment.




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