Psychology Students go to Freud Museum

The first year psychology students visited the Freud Museum in Finchley which was Sigmund Freud’s (The Father of Psychoanalysis) final home with his daughter Anna. Both Freud and Anna lived and died in this beautiful house full of his personal things, work study where he psychoanalysed patients and the antiquities he collected from all over the world from archaeological digs. Freud made the comparison with finding treasures buried deep in excavations with the depths of the unconscious mind in which lay the hidden reasons to our psychological and psychodynamic problems.

The students gained a deeper understanding of Freud’s Psychodynamic theory, case studies and the influence and success of ‘free association’ from one of the experts there who gave them a guided tour and educational lecture.

One of the students (Hilal Kandermir) said:
‘The trip helped me to provide a thorough view and insight into Freud’s life. It showed that there was more to the man who I previously labelled as a bit mad! I now know about his background as a persecuted man fleeing the Nazis and why he came to England. I also understand in more detail what psychanalysis is all about’

Russ Lawrance, Principal said " This visit provided our students with an excellent opportunity to actively engage with Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic legacy. They had an opportunity to see a broad range of Research Resources including Freud's personal library and collection, plus Anna Freud's personal library. Essential documentation on the life and work of Sigmund and Anna Freud and the history of psychoanalysis. What a great way to enhance their A level Psychology studies here at Haringey Sixth Form College. Thanks again to our magnificent staff for extending these additional opportunities for our students."

Wednesday 21st February
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