English Trip discover The Making of Dracula

First and second year English Language and Literature students were congratulated and applauded by the Guardian's journalist: Alex Clark, for spending their Friday night at the British Library!

On 3rd November, Clark hosted a panel of key academics in the field of Bram Stoker's Dracula, including David J Skal, Paul Magrs and Catherine Wynne, as they discussed Bram Stoker and the Making of Dracula. She started the event by thanking the 'young people from N17 for choosing to spend their Friday night with old academics.' The students attended the event to acquire key contextual information about the writer of our set novel.

The students had an excellent time listening to Skal speaking about his comprehensive biography about Bram Stoker, including his theories about Stoker's sexuality at a time in the Victorian period when Oscar Wilde's own trials were raising suspicions. Catherine Wynne showed slides of handwritten notes from Stoker himself on a stage-play adaptation of the text.

Paul Magrs offered commentary as a popular writer of young adult gothic fiction. All students had something to say about the talk after, having learned something new and also having reinforced previous learning. They were also excited by the library itself, a place some had never been to before.

Angela Smith, English teacher said "This event was invaluable, both as a forum for reinforcing the student's previous knowledge about Stoker and the context of his incredible novel Dracula, and also as an introduction to the world of academia that awaits our students after their time here at Haringey Sixth Form College."

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