Beyond A-Levels

Thank you to all staff, students and parents/carers who attended the Beyond A-Levels afternoon/evening Wednesday 30th Nov 2016

Our stakeholders were very happy and gave positive feedback about the students and the college. They are more than willing to repeat the event next year and hopefully it can become a permanent annual fixture in our college timetable.

Some of the L3 Yr1 students commented on how the workshops had inspired them and they were clearer about the pathways they intended to follow in the future.

Tutees in the ADA and COHENL/Haringey Apprenticeship workshops said they really enjoyed it and found the information provided pertinent and useful.

We also had positive feedback from the school children and parents attending the evening:

• 92% understood what the evening was about because of Russ’ presentation
• 82% got ideas of what they will do in the future
• A parent went away knowing what to do about her son who was not engaged with his current studies

Russ Lawrance Principal of Haringey Sixth Form College was delighted and said, The “Beyond A Levels “ event provided our first year students with a taste of what life at a university or following an apprentice route is like. Students were engaged in discussions about the different teaching methods used by university academics, the different courses and they gained an insight into the additional facilities available, societies and clubs they might join or even form ! We extended this opportunity and experience to great effect to our parents and to local year 10 & 11 students for surrounding schools and their parents. A resounding success.

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