AoC Volleyball - Sports Summer Series

This week 12 of our #TeamHaringey6 Volleyball team competed in a #SportsSummerSeries London Mixed Volleyball Festivals hosted by the AoC.

volleyball 6

The groups were we competed against were:

Newham College of Further Education

Newham 6th Form College (NEWVIC)

Leyton Sixth Form College

Our #TeamHaringey6 team were:


Daniela Andreea Goia,,Lorela Terziu, Gladys Agyemang, Nancy Benson, Jericka Geloca, Jennifer Agunod, Waad Khalif


Omari Travis, Pedro Velasquez, Francisco Balibra, Thomas Hasani, Flori Hykaj

The tournament was set up so we played 2 sets with a 14 min time limit or first to 21.

Our first match was against Newham College of Further Education, we won both sets comfortably 21-17 and 23-21.

The second match was against NewVic, and again we won both sets 21-16 and 21-18

volleyball 8

Final match was against Leyton Sixth Form College our host team, which was the team to defeat as we were contemplating facing them as we knew they were a challenge, but yet again we won both sets with every sweat and passion put in by our players winning 21-19 and 26-24 this was the match to watch, very exciting with our 4 gents Omari, Tom, Francesco and Fiori using their amazing blocking skills and excellent set and smashing to overpower the opposition, and the ladies Nancy and Waad using their talented skills to serve without losing a point. While I was thanking the opposite team.

The coach of Leyton Sixth Form College was congratulating the team and noticed our player Flori and expressed how he was an exceptionally talented player and asked if was playing in a pro team, my answer was, “ I am very proud to say he plays for #TeamHaringey6”.


volleyball 9

I would like to thank all the students that took part, they were amazing, also I would like to thank Ray Miah for coming along to support our team and take these amazing photos.

Hatty Kartal Volleyball Coach / The Lead for #H6 Experience for Entry and Foundation



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