AOC Basketball Festival

This week #TeamHaringey6 will be hosting a basketball festival event in the sports hall.

Following lockdown and the basketball competitions not being able to take place, the AoC decided to put together some Sport Summer Series. Many colleges showed interest and they were placed in groups according to their location in London. The organisers wanted teams to host so #CoachFranck offered for #TeamHaringey6 to host.

This is a great opportunity to give not only our students but young people a platform to do what they are passionate which includes playing basketball. Students go to particular academies with the hope that they can possibly get the chance to go America. For this they need to work Extremely hard in order to receive a scholarship.

#TeamHaringey6 has a proven track record of supporting students achieve that dream; however it takes a lot more than just being good at basketball. They have to be very good student athletes. At #H6, the collaboration between #TeamHaringey6 and Haringey Hawks is going from strength to strength. We are always #AimingForExcellence.

Due to the Covid restrictions, we will not be permitted to have spectators. In previous years our crowd have been amazing. All the seats are usually packed and the atmosphere is really special. Matches bring the college community together in such a positive way. Students from all across college and staff come to cheer on the team.

It is going to be interesting as the rules will be slightly different. Games will be shorter than usual. There will be 2 X 10 mins halves instead of 4 x 10 mins quarters. This is to ensure that every team gets to face each other and that we finish at a reasonable time. It will also be a running clock as opposed to a stopping clock so that should influence the speed of the games.

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They have been training every morning from 7.30-9am and then 4.30-6pm so they need matches for their overall development. 

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The festival is very important to them as they haven’t been able to play for so long. We have a number of matches coming up so this is going to be good preparation. They are all very excited!

Teams include:

1. Haringey Sixth Form College
2. Barnet & Southgate
3. Oaklands
4. Oasis Academy

Game schedule:

1v2 2pm
3v4 2.40pm
1v3 3.20pm
2v4 4pm
1v4 4.40pm
2v3 5.20pm

#GoHaringey #GoHaringey #Go #TeamHaringey6 



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