Aiming for Oxford with the Tottenham University Project

If you have been following our amazing stories, you would remember us speaking about the Tottenham University project run by Community Development Officer, Dalwinder Babu (OBE). If not, catch up with our previous news here and here.

On Thursday 6th June 2019, students from Haringey Sixth Form College, Brook House Primary School and Lancasterian Primary School had the pleasure of journeying down to Oxford to experience 'A day in the life of an Oxford University student' 

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From #TeamHaringey6, the following students attended:

  • Hootan Abrishami
  • Kelise Hughes
  • Zuzanna Kokoszka
  • Melissa Dyonmeztyurk
  • Cristina Mihai
  • Yasmin Saleh
  • Ouarnta Ntimo

The trip was especially vital for them as they all intend to apply to for university places, starting in the academic year 2020/21. Three out of the seven students even said Oxford University is one of their firm choices.

The advice they received from both Ana Hastoy (Oxford University Alumni student and Schools Liaison Officer) and Stephanie Hale (Oxford University Alumni student and Access and Outreach Officer) was so brilliant that after the trip, the prospective #TeamHaringey6 Oxford University applicants increased from three to five.

They received advice about student life at Oxford University, the application process, timelines, the interview and acceptance process, boarding at Oxford and the local area. All of this helped them make informed choices about potentially becoming Oxford University students.

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Stephanie had told us about how she broke the stereotype of Oxford University being a place only for students that were born and raised in prestigious areas, or into rich families. She was a student that had grown up in one of the most deprived areas of Liverpool and went against the odds, proved herself to be ambitious and resilient by submitting an application, getting invited in for interviews and then being offered a place on a course. She now lives to tell the tale (literally) through her alumni outreach work.

Stephanie even agreed to attend Haringey Sixth Form College to hold sessions with tutors to assist them with helping students who want to apply for a place at Oxford University. Thank you, Stephanie! 

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Lunchtime was spent in the one and only hall where many scenes from Harry Potter and The Golden Compass were filmed! 

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