A2 English trip to the Guardian

On Friday 16 November 2018, our A2 English Language and Literature students were invited to the Guardian for a one-day writing workshop.

In the session, the students learned about how to gather information for and write a news feature. They researched, planned, wrote and uploaded their content to the Guardian’s printing templates. They used state of the art Macs and learned the basics about the journalism process.

Jan Trott, Jan Trott, the Education Officer said "It was a pleasure to welcome students from Haringey 6th Form College to our Secondary Feature writing workshop at the Guardian newspaper’s Education Centre. The students were engaged and engaging, asking insightful questions about the media industry and the Guardian in particular. They were able to use the day to thoroughly research their chosen news feature and use the skills of sub-editing, production and picture editing as well as the techniques of feature writing to produce work they were proud of. They were an impressive group of students."

It was an exciting day that showed our students the possibilities for a career in journalism whilst simultaneously developing writing skills for their coursework projects.

Some of the students that attended had this to say:

"I loved the trip to the Guardian – it was very enjoyable. I learned how to structure an article which helped me to begin drafting my coursework. I learned about different types of articles and the journalistic publishing process, which was so exciting. I am keen to secure work experience in the future with the Guardian! To be a part of the team. In terms of what could be improved? NOTHING! It was a great trip."

"The trip to the Guardian was very different than what I had expected. Most school trips dedicated to the curriculum tend to bore me! But this trip did nothing of the sort. I found the day valuable in terms of my coursework but also in terms of my future. I am excited at the opportunities in journalism."

"The trip gave me an insight about how complex writing news stories is and how much work journalists put in daily. I found the session with Jan really stimulating and informative. I will read the Guardian now with a completely different set of eyes!"

"The trip to the Guardian was really interesting and helped me to understand the work environment of a journalist. It definitely helped me in terms of my future plans. I see possibilities in journalism for myself now. In terms of the specifics of the workshop, I found the information sheet from the former news feature writer very helpful and will use his top tips for my coursework piece. In terms of improving the workshop – I would have improved my preparations beforehand, researching the Guardian, journalism and nonfiction texts. This is because I wish I had had more questions prepared in advance so as to take full advantage of the incredible expertise of our workshop leader: Jan Trott."

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