Bedlam Trip for A-Level Psychology

As part of the A-Level Psychology compulsory unit on Issues in Mental Health our Yr2 students visited the Bedlam Exhibition on Tuesday 13 December.

‘Bedlam’, the word became a general term for asylums but it originally referred to the Bethlem Royal Hospital in London, which was founded in the 13th century and still provides mental health care today. The exhibition focuses on the lived experiences of those who inhabited asylums or created alternatives to them. It juxtaposes historical material and medical records with individual testimonies and artworks that reflect or reimagine the institution, both as a physical and a virtual space.

Russ Lawrance College Principal added “This was a fantastic experience for our students the opportunity to trace the rise and fall of the asylum and how it has reflected the changing attitudes of the society around it, I know been very insightful for them. This is another example of how staff at the college go that extra mile to enhance and develop students understanding of topics bring them to life really enhancing the student experience."

Some Psychology students said "we really enjoyed the exhibition and we plan to come back again during the holidays". The exhibition was full of artefacts and detailed recordings that would take days to rifle through. The students also commented on the layout of the Wellcome Collection which covered three floors with a modern spiral staircase, café and beautiful reading room.

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