A Level Art research Trip to Brighton

This years A Level Fine Art exam paper theme is ‘Freedom and/or Limitations’, an important aspect of Art study is the development of ideas and the gathering of ‘primary’ research material, we decided to head to Brighton City & Seaside. Within the exam theme there are lots of possible ‘sub themes’ for example a student may choose to focus on freedom to travel, math & geometry in design, homelessness and poverty.

We had an excellent and exhausting day – the weather was good, the trains were on time and the students were excited to be in a new place! We started out by heading to the Phoenix artist studios and gallery where we saw an exhibition based around interventions with chairs, called ‘Sitting Room’ we got to listen to artist Dave Stephens talking about his sculptural practice and well, chairs.

3 2018 b  3 2018 a 

Onwards then to ‘The Lanes’ to get a feel for Brighton Life & Shopping, a bit like Camden, but nicer!

Student Ali Mohamed aimed to apply ‘The Golden Ration’ using a transparent outline to frame places and objects.

3 2018 c

Student Olivia Pittas is exploring urban poverty – she photographed places that could be used in drawings and paintings, looking for colour, texture and composition:

3 2018 d

Before heading for Brighton Pier we visited the Brighton Art Gallery & Museum and saw lots of exciting design pieces and artworks.

3 2018 e

Here’s Olivia, Rammi & Yasmin participating in traditional Seaside fun:

3 2018 f

To end the we explored a little more, past the beautiful Brighton Pavillion to Brighton Pier & the Seaside. We returned home on a speedy train having gathered some primary research and enjoyed exploring a new place.

3 2018 h

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