World Down Syndrome Day 2020

"Since 2012, 21 March has been World Down Syndrome Day, a UN observance meant to raise public awareness about down syndrome and those who have this condition.

However, some countries celebrated a World Down Syndrome Day as early as 2006, before the UN proclamation. The date of 21 March was chosen to symbolise the fact that down syndrome results from the triplication of the twenty-first chromosome. Hence, the day is on the twenty-first day of the third month.

The focus of the day is not just on the situation and needs of those with down syndrome worldwide but also on their valuable contributions to human society. There is an emphasis on hearing voice recordings and viewing videos online from people who have down syndrome, on respecting their rights, and on ensuring their inclusion in all of human social life." - source:

Sat, Mar. 21, 2020

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