Psychology & Criminology

How do I #DiscoverTheDifference with Psychology & Criminology?

The Level 2 Certificate in Psychology & Criminology will provide learners with an effective experience in developing study skills and the initial stages of learning about the discipline in terms of the concepts, theories and perspectives which characterise psychology. Criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals. It is a multi-disciplinary approach that draws together methods and perspectives from a range of social sciences, including sociology and psychology.

What makes Level 2 Psychology and Criminology at #H6 different?

  • You will be taught and guided through your course by professionals with first-hand experience of the Legal and Criminal Justice systems.
  • you will have the opportunity to conduct work experience with professional bodies within the Forensic field.
  • You will be supported and guided throughout the course in terms of progression opportunities, whether you choose the HE route, employment or apprenticeship
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to make an informed decision about the career choice between Criminal Investigation and Forensic Investigation.

How Will I be Assessed?

All units are internally assessed through the learner building up a portfolio of evidence that covers the relevant assessment criteria. They are internally assessed and verified by the centre and then externally verified by Ascentis.


The course is designed as an introduction to Psychology and Criminology students typically therefore progress onto studying Level 3 Applied Criminology, Psychology & Law or Level 3 Forensic and Criminal Investigation.

Entry Requirements

Three or more GCSE grades 3 or above or a Level 1 Diploma in a relevant subject.



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