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New for 2021 - You can take BTEC Criminology alongside 2 A-Levels of your choice*. 


How do I #DiscoverTheDifference with Applied Psychology, Applied Law & Criminology?

Psychology, Law & Criminology is a level 3 programme where you will undertake three different but overlapping subjects. You will study the theories of crime, the practice of a solicitor and the different psychological perspectives.

What will I study?

• Criminology is the study of the reasons why individuals commit crimes. By understanding why a person commits a crime, we can develop ways to control crime or rehabilitate the criminal.
• Psychology is a fascinating and varied subject. This course offers an exciting opportunity to explore many different areas of psychology, providing a broad basis for later specialisation. The applied nature of the course provides a platform to put theory into practical use.
• Within your Law classes you will explore the complexity of the English Legal System, criminal law, contract law and the law on negligence with all its fascinations and flaws. You will develop the skills needed to work within the legal profession.

What makes Applied Psychology, Applied Law & Criminology at #H6 different?

• You attend workshops with criminals who have been rehabilitated
• You visit to The Freud Museum to look at the life and works of a key psychologist
• You go on a research field trip to investigate human behaviour
• There are talks from experts within Mental Health and Probation services

*dependent on your GCSE results grades and subject availability. Please contact Florina Iosif about your options with this combination.

 How will I be assessed?

A mixture of external examinations and assignments which are marked internally. The exams will be carried out at different points over the two years.

Entry requirements

Either - Four GCSE grades 9-4, including a minimum grade 5 in English or Maths.
Or - Level 2 Diploma at Merit or Distinction and a minimum GCSE grade 5 in English or Maths.

Progression routes

A considerable number of students who choose this combined course do so with the intention of entering into a career in either psychology, law or criminology or sometimes a career in the combination of all three. However, it can lead to exciting careers in the many other sectors for example education and social work.

The opportunities are widespread in a number of different areas including clinical psychology, occupational psychology and forensic psychology.

During the duration of the course you will receive advice and assistance on accessing your chosen career.


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