Comic Con 2017 Refection By Heather, Level 2 Media

Comic Con is a well-known and wide spread convention where people dress up as their favourite characters and meet new people that like the same thing as them. Some cosplay groups hold meet ups where they meet each other and take photos. In the inside of the venue people go to the stalls, where there’s millions of things to buy; it’s like being a child in Toys “R” Us on Christmas day!

The journey to the Excel Centre where Comic Con is held is long and suspenseful. I constantly checked the map above the train seats to see how many stops I had left, each stop I saw more and more people who are dressed up. If you’re in costume then there will be people glancing at you with wonder and curiosity. I had elf ears glued on to my real ears with a flower crown on top of my head; wear your costume with pride. At the beginning of every journey, you feel out of place amongst all the normally dressed people, but as you see other people in costume and you know you’re close to your destination. The nerves fade away and are replaced with excitement.

During Comic Con, the Excel Centre is large and filled with amazing people. You’re never short of a captain Jack Sparrow or a Mad Hatter with his Alice. There are loads of people dressed up as characters from the latest TV shows or films – even anime characters are commonly cosplayed. You feel like a child meeting your life long hero at every step or turn you take! There are loads of stalls to visit and see, each stall selling something different. The people who are working behind the stalls are always nice and friendly and willing to help. You can meet your favourite artists and actors while they sign their artwork or a picture of themselves; you even get a hug and a picture with them (everyone loves hugs!). The atmosphere is never bad or unhappy; you always see a smile on everyone’s face – especially the little kids who dress up as Spiderman and Elsa. There are loads of food stalls so you’ll never go hungry; they have everything from burgers to cultural food, as well as sweets and ice cream.

The truth is, you spend the whole day there and never want to leave so when the venue tells you that it’s closing time, you drag your sore feet to the exit and try to find your way back home. When you leave, the sky is dark and the air is chilly but it will always feels like you spent only a few hours inside.

By Heather, Level 2 Media 

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