We offer the new linear A Level in all three sciences. These are taught in state of the art laboratories, by subject specialists. You will have access to the necessary resources to safely and efficiently conduct all the practical work essential for the Endorsed Practical element of the courses. To support your learning and ensure you achieve your full potential, lessons are complemented by study sessions and any necessary intervention. Students are given the opportunity to attend subject conferences and other relevant visits throughout the two years.

The exam boards studied are: AQA for Biology, OCR A for Chemistry and EDEXCEL for Physics. The new A level is a full two year course that is more challenging and exciting than the previous AS/A2 system. You will be assessed by 3 external exam papers for each subject. Practical skills are an integral part of the course, and you will have 12 compulsory practical investigations to perform over the two years, for each subject.

If you have ever wondered why onions make you cry, or why the sky looks blue? Perhaps you want to know if a butterfly's brain is the same as the one it had when it was a caterpillar? Maybe you just want to understand why mobiles phones lose internet connection on the London Underground? If this is you then study science.

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