Film Studies

Film is modern story telling – and in a world where film transcends boundaries, borders and conflicts, it is the medium of our time. Through film we learn about diversity and culture, society and the world around us. We learn about humanity and the spaces in between. Completing the A-Level Film Studies course will fuel a passion for film and encourage broader cultural and historical perspectives. This course encourages learners to watch, engage critically with and explore a wide range of films, whilst also developing their own skills as a film maker or writer.

Course length:

1-2 Years

You will study:

  • Feature length films, including Hollywood, British and World cinema
  • The language of film making
  • Significant film movements such as silent cinema and experimental film
  • The significance of film and film practice in national, global and historical contexts
  • The practicalities of film-making or screenwriting through the production of coursework

Where does it lead?

An A-Level in Film Studies will enable you to progress to university, where you can pursue courses in and around the film industry such as film studies and film production, along with other courses such as journalism, marketing, editing and broadcast journalism. The analytical, theoretical and practical skills you develop over the two years will be transferable skills suitable to other professions out of film and media, such as teaching, law, history, and more!


You must have achieved at least 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above, including Grade 6 in English/Humanities, Media Studies, Film Studies or a social science subject.

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