History A-Level

History A level will begin by taking you back to the birth of a world superpower: see how America went from being a group of forgotten British colonies to a confident group of United States, one of the world’s first democracies.

Then we travel forward in time to see how Britain recovered to rule the waves and possess the strongest empire in the world – before analysing how and why this empire dissolved again, giving birth to the Commonwealth of independent young nations we see today.

For the coursework element in the second year, the focus shifts to one of the present day’s most burning issues – the conflict in the Middle East. We look at the roots of the Arab-Israel conflict and how this issue develops over the twentieth century, regularly igniting into conflicts and creating a situation still smouldering today.

Exam board: AQA

Course Length:

2 Years

You will study:

  • Unit 1: The British Empire c1857-1967 (breadth study)
  • Unit 2: The Birth of the USA, 1760-1801 (depth study)
  • Coursework: The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Change and significance in the twentieth century

Where it leads:

You can progress to university to study for careers in the civil service and in the voluntary sector, journalism, public relations, education, health and other public sector jobs. History is particularly favoured by admissions tutors for Law degrees as it develops the analytical and critical thinking skills required to be a lawyer.

Entry Requirements

5 or more GCSEs at grade 9 -5, including English or Maths, also 6 in a Humanities or social science subject.

You will need to have an interest in history, a critical mind, and a readiness to do a lot of reading for the subject in your own time.

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