Government and Politics A-Level

Britain has a long-established and world-renowned political system which has provided the basis for democracies across the world. Studying Government and Politics will unlock your understanding of how politics works in Britain at a local, regional and national level, from political parties to the parliamentary process.

You’ll need an interest in current affairs and a willingness to think, criticise and discuss – and in return you’ll get a wealth of knowledge and skills of research, analysis and debate.

Course Length:

2 Years

You will study:

  • Democracy, participation and elections in the United Kingdom
  • How the political system in the United Kingdom works – the role of Parliament, the Prime Minister, the basis of the political system, and how the power is checked
  • Political ideologies – the different ways of thinking which have shaped the world as we know it, and the foundation of all modern political thought
  • In the second year, we look at Global Politics

Where it leads:

Former students of Government and Politics A-Level have gone on to university to continue studying politics or international relations, or pursue similar courses such as law. The skills of critical thinking, analysis and debate give politics students the foundation for a range of careers in politics, law, research, teaching, and media. In addition to this, the added understanding you have of how the UK’s political system works will make you more informed about the country we live in.

Entry Requirements:

  • 5 or more GCSEs at grade 9 -5, including English or Maths, also 6 grade in a Humanities and Social Science subject.
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