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How do I #DiscoverTheDifference with Chemistry?

Chemistry is often called the central science connecting all other sciences. It comprises of a mix of biology, physics, geology, astronomy, environmental science, anthropology, computer technology, aeronautical science, meteorology or medicine.

What will I study?

• Physical Chemistry - The interaction of atoms, elements and compounds as inorganic chemistry explores periodicity, chemical equilibria and energetics.

• Organic Chemistry - The chemistry of carbon compounds will explore organic reactions, synthetic pathways and instrumental analysis.
• Endorsed Practical - Incorporating the practical endorsement allowing students to practice the use of instruments, report writing and research skills.

What makes Chemistry at #H6 different?

• Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to attend chemistry conferences and meet inspirational guest speakers both on site and through external visits.
• Students are offered the chance to learn and practice their practical dexterity during the use of instruments enrichment activity.
• You will gain science related voluntary work, work experience or work shadowing which are all vital components of many university entry requirements

How will I be assessed?

There will be three exams and a final non-exam based practical endorsement:

• Paper 1 and Paper 2 compose of both multiple choice and structured questions.
• Paper 3 is synoptic with structured and extended response questions.

The final assessment is a non-exam based practical endorsement.

Entry requirements

Five or more GCSE grades 9-5, including a minimum grade 5 in English and a minimum grade 6 in Science and Maths.

Progression routes

Chemistry is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, healthcare sciences, forensic science, pharmacology and many related pathways.

The importance of chemistry won’t be diminished over time, so it will remain a promising career path. Developments in this field continue to impact modern society. Whether it is space exploration or an environmental issue, chemistry lies at the heart.

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