Enrolment for Sept 2020 start is from 20th August 2020 and is for all courses: A-Levels, Vocational, GCSE Pathways and ESOL!

Before you start lessons you will need to enrol at College.

We have dedicated advisors who are all calling applicants that made an application to join us in September 2020. The calls are to confirm an applicants offer with us and to inform them about enrolment in August 2020.

Due to the number of applications we have received this year, we wanted to make sure that all applicants have priority slots on specific days and times.



Student enrolment is done at Haringey Sixth Form College

Haringey Sixth Form College
White Hart Lane
Tottenham N17 8HR


Think about what you want to study.

Check the entry requirements you need to enrol on the course. These are found at the bottom of all course pages in our course guide.


Remember to bring your documents.

  • If you haven't given it to us already during your interview, you will need to bring proof of who you are. You can use a passport, birth certificate or child benefits letter. If you have been in the UK for less than three years or using a visa then you need to show that you can study in the UK so bring your visa, passport and any Home Office documents
  • You will need to bring your exam results. Please bring original copies.


We will help and support you during enrolment:

  • Your exam results will be scanned.
  • A subject teacher will meet with you.
  • If you haven't had one taken yet we will take your photograph for your student ID card.


I can’t make the date or time I've been given, what should I do?

If you are unable to attend the designated slot then the advisor will inform you of another one.

I can't decide what subjects I want to study?

An applicant can only take a maximum of 3 A-Levels OR 1 BTEC, not both. The adviser will help you to decide on which course(s) you definitely want to do. If you remain undecided then this can be taken up at enrolment but helps us clean up our data.

Can I bring my friend/family member with me?

If your friend has applied to H6 then they might have another appointment slot to yours and they will have to attend their assigned time slot. You can, however, bring a family member.

Is it too late for my friend/family member to apply?

No, it is not too late. We will have them on our system and they will be asked to come and enrol from 4pm on any of the enrolment days.

When do I get my timetable / when do lessons start?

Induction begins on Tuesday 1st September 2020 and lessons start the week after. Your timetable will be given to you at enrolment.

I am not getting back from holiday until after enrolment, will this affect my place?

Enrolment is a way of you telling us that you want your place. You are welcome to send someone to enrol on your behalf at your allocated slot, but they must have a copy of your passport and grades in order to do this and a note will be put on file of when you are due to return and attend classes. If this is not possible then, unfortunately, there might be a chance that your place could be taken and you will not be able to do your preferred subjects with us.


We are here to help you.

If you have any questions about enrolment or studying at Haringey Sixth Form please call or email for advice and guidance:

Telephone 020 8376 6000
Email apply@haringey6.ac.uk

There will be advisors available during enrolment to help and support you.


Claim your place, get yourself to the College.

Haringey Sixth Form College
White Hart Lane
N17 8HR

Tel. 020 8376 6000
Email : info@haringey6.ac.uk