Latest update: COVID, Bursary & Summer Assessments

Return To College

Two weeks haven’t quite flown by but we all agree it’s great to be back so now having got these two weeks under our belts safely I wanted to update you on a number of things and to signpost you to others.

Thanks you all so very much for the engagement and the massive show of support enabling a safe return to college.

The testing programme has been stunning, yes it has been like a military operation. We have done two thousand tests over 10 days all negative.

So thanks to all for your significant contributions thus ensuring as I have said a safe return to college for all.

We moved to home testing and students and staff have been allocated the home testing kits, any questions ask your tutors please.

There has been an enormous amount of work gone in from so many people to get us to where we are today in terms of the safest possible position.

The logistically challenge is and has been huge. I am sure you all appreciate this.

As ever #TeamHaringey6 has aimed for excellence in doing this, all this enables us to prioritise learning and teaching, and all involved have shown the fabulous can do / will do approach.

So now please respect this and support, values drive this organisation, values drive the behaviours of people within it.

I expect compliance from all to make this work, our young people have suffered enough.

I do not expect any actions from anyone that either intentionally or unintentionally cause disruption to the learning of students back at college. Attendance is mandatory, as is behaviour and adherence to instructions.

I may be wearing a mask but my sticky out ears will indicate my smile beneath!! I am delighted to have everyone back.

Bursary Payments etc.

The free meals allocation now switches back to college food allocation, we have expanded the Hart & Hive area and we are working on the courtyards.

We really want students to stay on the college site during the day so we are making provision to encourage this. Please see the website and social media feeds for updates on more investment enhancing the #H6Experience.

There will be an Easter Free Meal payment made direct into bank accounts this will be done on the last week in March to cover the two week Easter Holiday period.

Travel to Learn bursary for obvious reasons is not being paid at the moment (there has been not travel!) it is not cancelled but put back and will be paid to those meeting the criteria and hitting the attendance targets. Payment will take place week beginning June 7th.

Summer Assessments

All the guidance and information has not yet been released (especially the information from the exam boards) but what I can tell you as of now is that, we are making plans and that the process will be communicated to all families by Lisa and Rosie by 31 March.

You will have the information about what evidence has/will be used as the basis for the grade judgement for students. The grades are to be sent to the awarding body/s on 18 June.

The evidence being used will accurately reflect all students’ achievements ensuring they receive the best grade/s they are capable of.

I do not want individual members of staff coming under pressure from students or parents/carers so there will be a parent’s progress meeting straight after Easter at which staff can discuss students’ individual progress and the process with parents and carers.

All students in a subject will be graded on the same assessments, we will provide clarity on what assessments are to be used, and from when in the student's course.

The key principles are as follows:

• A clear, consistent and robust internal process.
• A clear validation that each student has achieved the best grade based on the evidence that we have
• Ensure equal validation of the grading
• Provide a timeline
• Be clear on the use of external evidence, test papers

This will be explained to all at the progress meeting as described above.

For now sorry I cannot hide my enjoyment at having our great college back up and running, full of our amazing students.

Let’s ensure the best end to the college year as possible,




For students who are looking to apply for September 2021, please click here

Please complete the form as accurately as possible. All courses are for students aged 16 to 18 years old as at 31 August 2021.

The only way to secure your place for September 2021 is to have completed the full application process, which includes having an interview by 31st March 2021.

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