Keep Going

One thing that does remain the same despite the lack of normality is that time rolls on we are in February and its half term next week.

Time for a little update, I say little as there are not a massive changes to update you on as of the time of writing.

Lisa will update you on what I call operational in college activity but this is the external picture.

So here is what we do know;

• Boris Johnson confirmed schools and colleges will not return to full face-to-face education until 8 March 2021 at the earliest
• This date is dependent on achieving the target of vaccinating everyone in the top four prioritization cohorts by 15 February, who will then have developed immunity by 8 March

In terms of Free Schools Meals next week. The vouchers are not available so we will revert back to payment direct to bank accounts to cover this period.

The exact format of the assessments, exams and awarding of grades and qualifications this summer is still under review all I can tell you at this stage is as follows.

• Assessments to take place in late May / early June with Ofqual keen for students to engage fully in their education for the remainder of the year
• Grades to be based on current performance, not what students would or could have achieved, based on the areas of content they have covered

You cannot and should not worry about what you or I cannot control but what you can do to affect things in your favor. That is clear stay engaged in your learning as stated above.

There will be more updates with more information as soon as I have it, but for now get away from the screens at half term, get out, get active and safely refresh.

We lost Capt Tom last week, he just kept on walking, take inspiration keep ploughing on.

Love to you all,

Back soon,





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